So, I write… hello world, again!

A dear friend of mine was telling me some days ago that this website is dead.

I would say it is (was 😉 ) dormant, as I created it back in… 2012 March! WOW… more three years since the intention to write :D. I know 3 is a special number to me. Anyway, I was writing, but outside the Internet, in my journals and it was just for me.

Yes, it was like this my old stories looked like – intention starts then action takes time, until something inside cooks.

What I know now it is still me I create new stories. The stories in which my heart know that a more beautiful world is possible! In these new stories, I met people at the right time and place, I connect with them, I reconnect with myself, I co-create time-space which is serving myself, the ones around me, Mother Earth and all the beings.


So, hello world, again! 😀


This is me on the way – trusting the process, noticing the struggle, breathing in and out, writing myself out.

This is me, who kept searching for myself for many years, believing my own and others bullshit. I still have a lot of it inside but I kindly look at it and holding it in my heart and as other special beings are holding my hand and are by my side, I rediscover my way back home.

A home where I (we) feel safe, protected, strong, soft, empowered, in congruence with oneness, with you, whomever you may be.

OH, same friend was telling me to become more specific so I will try that from now on. As specific intentions and thoughts drives to specific actions.

So, I write! 🙂

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