shimmering girl

Last Tuesday I was meeting Rune and other beautiful beings.

When I entered the room his presence was almost palpable, even if the room (big conference room in Grand Hotel Tg. Mures) was crowded and  noisy with people coming in for the event. I was stopped, needing to breath in and out to meet it.

It felt like coming… home. It was home in that large-cold-until-then conference room! I felt Rune’s presence (and not only his) the whole time of the meeting… and also of the man sitting / meditating in the corner of the room – still have no idea who he was and what was doing there. He didn’t had to do anything 😉 to feel it. Well, to satisfy my mind, he was playing the background music for the event.

At a certain moment, during the final moments of the meeting I felt a strong calling from the middle of the room. Something shimmered and I felt it calling strong. I was turning my body, scanning the room, looking into that direction, I felt my body like a radar positioning a signal.

I saw a girl… sitting. She had tears coming from her eyes and she was holding on, physically (also), to her heart. I knew it was her who touched me inside. Our eyes locked, I was noticing my heart, my whole upper body, softly warming up even more then it already was and the next moment my body was walking towards her.

I sat next to her, looking into each other’s eyes… took her hands into mine, facing each other. That moment her body already shivering from tearing burst into more shivers, more tears coming out from her eyes, letting her head down, closing her eyes. I took her chin on my hand, softly lifting her head – we looked again into each others eyes, my eyes were pouring too.

At a moment, as she was crying she was asking me “Can you explain to me what is happening to me?” – I answered (don’t remember if verbally also) at least nodding a “No” at the same time we both knew the answer was not in spoken words.

We continue to share our tears and hold hands, me breathing softly, noticing the warmth in my and her body.

At another moment I was holding her also in my arms (besides my heart), being with her.

Moments passed, no idea how much time. The room went empty, all participants were gone, we were with Rune and the people organizing the event.

After I held Rune’s hands too and hugged each other, no talking – knowing again there are no words to share the moment – I waited for her to say hi too.

We then walked side by side towards the elevator, went down, walked out in the presence of each other, in silence.

When we were out we looked into each others eyes once more, I wished her “may you be happy!“, she thanked and we walked into each other’s separate ways. Still, we were both home.

Welcome home, beautiful girl: rise & shine… and make your heart happy!

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