“Why are you taking this course?”

On 8th of March I enrolled in the “Space Between Stories” online “course” with Charles Eisenstein, his invites and people around the world.

In enrollment, he was asking us to answer the “Why are you taking this course?“question from four perspectives. Here are my answers for today…

1. Answer as if speaking to an acquaintance or relative who might be uncomfortable with the changes you are facing or have been through.
I’m embarking in this (let’s call it) course so that I can better understand my “changes”, my deeper wanting of being myself and connecting in quality with the precious spirits around me (myself, you, people in my life, Mother Earth, all beings in the Universe etc.).

2. Answer as if speaking to a trusted counselor, an ally on your evolutionary journey.
I’m taking this course because you know I feel this inner calling which drives me to living a simpler, closer to nature life, calling me for changes I want for a long time (and refuse to hear it for a long time). Thank you for bringing Charles and his vision into my life – as you’re holding my hand and knowing Charles (and people like you two) gives me hope for ourselves, for humanity, empowers me, gives me strength and purpose to keep co-creating the small changes that drive to bigger impact on our in-need-for-ourselves world.

3. Answer as if speaking to your future self on his or her deathbed.
You know I don’t want us to get to that moment of you telling me “I wish you’d had the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expected of you”. I walk and co-create now the new stories, the story of my own self, with courage, trust and kindness, stories for the most beautiful world my and our hearts know to be(come) possible .

4. Answer as if speaking to Gaia, the living planet; to the totality of all life on earth.
Dear Mother, I feel you calling me back to you as I haven’t listened to your call for a long time. I pushed back, I ran away from you and myself and lately as I / we cared less, your call is stronger then ever. I feel it, I see it and it’s time for us to be one again: I am taking this endeavor to get ready. I know I am ready! And it’s such a privilege to come together with other precious spirits in co-creating the new stories. The stories that take care of me, us, oneness, you and all the beings around. We are (be)coming back, Mother, and we are ready!

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