new, meaningful story – Cutia Taranului

Starting today I get involved body-and-soul in Cutia Taranului project :).

It was with my heart already for a while now, I was close to it in some ways…

It’s part of the new story I wrote for my life: simple, meaningful, purposeful, closer to Mother Nature.

Cutia Taranului facilitates the link between the ones who wants fresh and good food and the peasants. From the start of the project in Romania (2012), project initiators wanted to revive a precious, traditional and trustful relationship between the peasants who grow their food and the ones that lives in the cities and want fresh products on their tables.

Currently, Cutia Taranului boxes are delivered, directly by the producers, in Cluj Napoca and Bucharest.

I invite you to have a look on the website. Maybe you find there something, too ;).

feel free to share your thoughts on this

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