December 2015

a goddess

today I was gifted the privileged of witnessing a birth… in pictures. the images offered me glimpses of a natural birth, at home. there was the MOTHER, her partner, the doula, the photographer and of course… the little angel they were all welcoming. I felt the mother so in tune with HERself in those moments. …

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a being of sound

I was just listening this with Ronen and with Annelieke in my heart. I felt he is creating a being  of sound… touching beyond that attic. he let it out in this Universe. what I am feeling out of- toghether with it is… unfolding wholeness, firesc, expression, presence, authenticity, joy, passion, togetherness, emotional touch. allow …

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i’m not a chocolate eater… usually, but when projects reporting times comes… LET THERE BE CHOCOLATE!! 🙂 in these times, chocolate goes well… with apples… with tangerines… with bananas… with bread (homemade 😉 )… with… itself :D… with tea… chocolate… any (good) chocolate… thank you, chocolate! 😀 :)))   PS: OH, and in these times …

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    Cosul tau
    Cosul de cumparaturi e golInapoi in magazin