a goddess

today I was gifted the privileged of witnessing a birth… in pictures.
the images offered me glimpses of a natural birth, at home. there was the MOTHER, her partner, the doula, the photographer and of course… the little angel they were all welcoming.
I felt the mother so in tune with HERself in those moments. Natural, confident in HER experience, spacious in the unfolding experience.
I felt him supportive, being there next to HER, holding HER, touching HER, massaging HER…

I felt the doula so supportive of the space, of the moments. I felt her being there with ferm and at the same time minimum interference. She left space for the mother to be with herself in the experience, she left them being together in their togetherness. I felt her helping the process with her skills (massaging HER back, holding HER belly, washing the baby as she was doing that her whole life) and loving presence (covering baby’s head after the birth, putting a napkin under the mother after birth).

This was the closed I’ve been to a natural home birth.
SHE was a goddess and I was gifted to witness some of those moments.
I feel reverence, love and appreciation for at least the five persons directly participating in the experience.

to the sacredness
to the goddess in me and HER

to the doulas

to the fathers

to the fairies

to the angels
I bow

and wish for myself and all the women in the world… that when the time comes to welcome a child into this world… in our nest-temples, we will also say “I am a GODDESS, thank you for witnessing”.



the picture of this post is from the The Birth Project Paintings of Amanda Greavette Fine Art

here are some videos of births… <3

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