reinventing organizations

“there’s something broken with the way we run organizations today.”


This is how Frederic Laloux starts this talk on Reinventing Organizations.


these were the reasons I left organizations. too much control from the top management, plans with no meaningful purpose, managers not walking the talk etc, no inspiring or empowering leaders, people loosing their light on the way, no passion from management.

in the beginning of 2015 I’ve decided I will not work in business organizations again, at least in the type of ones I worked in or the types I worked with or heard of, that includes all multinationals I know around in Romania.

Laloux has been doing a three year study which reveals some of the aspects I’m trying to implement in all my… so called work / career.. which is so part of my life :).

He says that the new emerging organizational management paradigm which seams to work and have tremendous results (also in numbers!) implement the following elements:

  1. self-management: in which, for example, decision making processes are not hierarchical nor consensus but implemented as an advice process, where everyone in the organization can make a decision based on consulting with a more experience person in the areas of decision and also with someone who will be directly affected by that decision.
  2. wholeness: which main focus is to create a safe space for people to work in and includes practices like feedback & evaluations, storytelling, compensations & incentives, on-boarding, office-space, conflict resolutions, recruitment, dismissal.
  3. evolutionary purpose: leaders are listening to where the organization wants naturally called to go and facilitate that way.

most of the organizations included in his research have no budgets, no targets, no sales targets. 🙂 sounds crazy for some, eh? 🙂


here is the entire talk:

I dedicate this talk with reverence and deep appreciation for all the experiences we’ve shared together with Calin E, Dumitru R, Dragos P and Calin F, along the way.

these experiences had brought me to where I am today – doing what I love, involving in projects I feel passionate about, meeting people with similar interests and meaningful purposes. 🙂 <3

feel free to share your thoughts on this

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