dad is pregnant too

In everything, fathers, you are an equal and essential participant if you will claim it. […]

Your baby has specifically chosen you as her father because she wishes your participation in her life. […]

Father is an essential participation of preconception to birth and beyond. His love is the current that opens mother’s heart to birth their baby at this vibration. He is invited by his baby to offer his energetic alignment of love to baby’s life. […]

Fathers are usually the masculine energy that ground the feminine energy for the couple, allowing mom to open to the baby’s soul. Mother is like a balloon, newly soaring in the heavens and needing father to be her anchor or tether. […] She needs the strength that father’s grounding and stability offers. Without a dad around, a mom must be physically more dense, more masculine and does not open to her spiritual nature as easily, nor allow the baby as deeply into her inner space.

Dad has the ideal opportunity and time to develop his protective warrior stance during pregnancy. Not the slaying warrior of the past, but a warrior who protects with his shield of love. His love surrounds and balances the emotional upheavals that pregnancy can bring.

Sunni Karll – Sacred Birthing, Birthing a New Humanity – Chapter 3 – Pursuing Wholeness For Each Newborn

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