the highest aspects of birth

after acknowledging the highest intention of conceiving, birthing and rearing a baby, we move to birth,

because birth has impact on the entire life. In seeing birth in its entirely, there are five major elements that most affect its outcome and therefore, its impact on life. If these are acknowledged as the highest aspects of birthing, they may help you see what choices you can make in every moment towards the most conscious birth for your baby. These are arranged chronologically:

  • Creating your ‘field of birth’ by your loving presence,
  • Giving birth without medication,
  • Raising the vibration at birth for the soul’s choice of life scenario,
  • Bonding and meeting baby’s needs,
  • Helping creating the clearest blueprint.

These are vitally interrelated.

Sunni Karll – Sacred Birthing, Birthing a New Humanity – Chapter 4 – Birthing Consciously: Your Gift Of Love

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