wisdom of our body – kinesiology exercise

I’ve encountered this exercise some years ago… don’t remember where. never tried it, so now, as it came my way again, I said I’d give it a try…

here it is:

The following is an easy and foolproof method to tap into the wisdom of your body. It is an ancient Korean teaching and is a way to get clear yes/no answers that are right for you and your baby [n.a. even if you are not pregnant]. You can learn to trust it withing hours. I have taught it to hundreds of people and everyone can do it. Children love it and it helps them safe by teaching them to rely on their own inner truth instead of their peers.

  • Drink one cup of water
  • Stand up, with your feet spread shoulder width apart, hands at your side.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax and center.
  • Slowly, tell your body inwardly: “Body, give me a yes” and observe inwardly what the body does. It is complete in about 10 seconds.
  • next say “Body, give me a no” and observe what it does.

If you are going to do this, read no further. Do it and then continue reading. What you might have felt were feelings in your gut or throat. These feelings will later be useful to your inner hearing abilities but are harder to start with since they differ from person to person. What is easy and always constant is this: if you could have seen your body, you would have seen it leaning forward for “Yes” and leaning backwards on “No”.

  • Now stand up, close your eyes and do it again. This time you will feel it very obviously.

If you get reversed indications for yes and no, or no reaction at all, drink another glass of water and do it again. Our body’s intuition and wisdom is an electrical impulse that cannot work well when we are dehydrated. Most of us are chronically dehydrated. […] Now say and further test for answers you already know to be true. Stand up and state:

  • “My name is…”, “My name is… (use another name)” test for yes/no
  • ” I am a man/woman” yen/no?
  • “Drinking water water is helps my body” yes/no”
  • “I am pregnant” yes/no? […]

Be sure your question is a simple question and that you only ask only one thing at a time. “It is best to rest or go on a walk?” is too questions. Try instead:

  • “Is it best for my body to rest” yes/no?
  • Is it best to go on a walk? yes/no? […]

Turn a quantity question into specific amounts:

  • “Do I need vitamin C” yes/no,
  • “Is this kind good for me” yes/no,
  • Then state “I want to know how many I need. Do I need one?” […]

When asking a question, center yourself first for a few seconds and clearly think or state a question. Your answers will be your guidance or body wisdom in this moment. Become comfortable with your own body signals of yes/no for a few days. This will develop your trust before moving on to asking questions of your baby’s Spirit guidance [n.a. or any other more, let’s call it profound, subjects] […]

Never be pushed to decide something on the spur of the moment. If you feel rushed, disappear into a bathroom for privacy and test yes/no. Clarity feels good. You will breath deeply. If you are not clear, do nothing. Clarity will come in time. Perhaps a relevant peace of information is needed. If you ask, Spirit will help you access what is needed. Be patient, persist and trust.

Sunni Karll – Sacred Birthing, Birthing a New Humanity – Chapter 14 – Inner Healing: In Touch With Baby & Spirit


I started to try it with really the simplest questions.

I think a center piece of this teaching is the connection with the present moment, with the breath, being inside the body. That creates space for clarity to manifest.

I invite you to play and let me know what you observe. 🙂 I will come back in a few days and weeks to share my experience.

feel free to share your thoughts on this

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