observing the breath

Even though it seams like such an easy thing, it is actually very difficult simply to follow the movement of the breath. In the moment when we concentrate on the breath it has a tendency to change; we are inclined to control the natural breathing ratio, to disturb it. When we follow the breath we tend to go in one of two directions – either we occupy ourselves with the feel of the breath or we simply observe it. If we just observe we do not need to to anything with the activity of the breath itself. It is like watching the flow of a river. When we are able to this we find ourselves almost in a state of meditation. This is the reason why we are sometimes advised simply to observe the breath: as we do this our mind quiets down. It is not easy, but it is marvelous.

T.K.V. Desikatchar – The Heart of Yoga. Developing a Personal Practice – 6 Pranayama


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