Christopher Alexander on Working on Wholeness

Ronen posted this quote some days ago…

I read it a couple of times up to know and every time I did it what came to my mind is… the mechanistic way of hiring people in the business environment, and the total lack of unfolding processes in the teams, in the organizations.

these are the main reasons I left my career back in October 2008: I could not find the place for the holistic-humane-whole approach in any organizational process and not having “the satisfaction of working on a psychological whole and making it complete“, in our teams.

and I was influencing people’s lives big time.

last year (I remember it was February) I knew inside I will never find a place back into the “business” as it looks now. in the last years I was struggling with different thoughts… it might sound familiar: “not good enough”, “I am nonadaptive”, “why do I need humane in my work? it’s a ONLY a job!”, “anyone else can do it but me!” etc.

now I am at peace about it… and grateful for it…

grateful for each colleague I’ve worked with… for it offered me those experiences…

feel free to share your thoughts on this

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