friction and falling apart

to whom it may concern 🙂

“The process of awakening inevitably creates friction, because part of this process has to do with the deconstruction of everything that is false. If our entire lives have been based upon a false identity, then we may get the impression that everything is falling apart. When we begin walking the path of self-knowledge, we begin to wake up and move towards self-realization, which is synonymous with putting an end to our fantasies. This can be very challenging. At this moment, it is necessary to remember that this deconstruction is part of the process. We are being reborn to a new life.”

via Sri Prem Baba – flower of the day

may all being know peace and harmony within

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  1. marti, 12 Apirlie 2016, la hotel Plazza, orele 18:30 va avea loc o conferinta care atinge subiectul pus in discutie in acest citat ….. to whom it may concern, titlul conferintei e Trezirea Constiintei.

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