how do I keep myself clear?

it was around one year ago when I was having a conversation with Ronen, in which I asked him about “how do I keep clear… not deluding myself?”

he answered this:

  1. continue to be alert and ask that question;
  2. describe more specifically what “old stories” mean so that you can recognize when you see them;
  3. act! – it’s one to want / say something and other thing to DO something about it;
  4. do it gradually; take time to reflect how you feel about your actions. Don’t just DO and move on. Let time to see effects, see where the waves of actions are taking you.
  5. do more of “small” actions instead of many “big” ones. every day; intentionally.
  6. when you speak of doing something and not doing it, not taking it into action – observe and reflect on it.
  7. be patient – wait, observe;
  8. take into consideration that…, allow yourself to do mistakes.

I wrote this post from a transcription (Romanian) in my journal… and when I noted it down I took it from our Skype conversations… later then our conversation. where you see the “…” above, I missed to note down some text there… and now the old conversations in Skype cannot be accessed anymore… but I(you) got the point ;).

what matters and what I want to say with this post is that it helped me along the way in the last year… in the last 9 years since I started breathing consciously (sometimes, at least)… and every time I see reactions in myself and others around me, I keep remembering this conversation and observing (thoughts, senzations, reactions)… helps me coming back to the center… in the present, keeps me in contact with the unfolding, with the feedback… and brings detachment from emotions, sensations, reactions that surface in different times of life.

I noted it down because I like Ronen’s style of being specific, pragmatic, systemic and holistic in the same time, clear about profound and meaningful themes of life.

feel free to share your thoughts on this

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