Sacred Birthing Insights from “Sacred Birthing – Birthing a New Humanity”

Below are the extras of Sacred Birthing Insights from the Sacred Birthing – Birthing a New Humanity book, by Sunni Karll.

Chapter 1 – Birthing the Whole Being

“We need to create a new being who has a maximum capacity to love.” – Dr. Michelle O’dent

  • Birth is the essence of evolution. The gift of a sacred birth fosters peace in our babies, our self, our community and our sacred planet.


Chapter 3 – Pursuing Wholeness For Each New Born

“Civilization will commence on the day when the well-being of the newborn will prevail over any other considerations.” Wilhelm Reich

  • Father is an essential participant of preconception to birth and beyond. His love is the current that opens mother’s heart to birth their baby at this vibration. He is invited by his baby to offer his energetic alignment of love to baby’s life.
  • Baby’s birth time determines a lifetime. By honoring labor as and when it presents, we honor and protect the timing of birth chosen by this soul.


Chapter 4 – Birthing Consciously: Your Gift of Love

“What we do around birth will define society.” Margaret Mead

  • Love creates a high vibration at birth to support the synchronization of body and soul. This orders the body’s energy field to enable Divine rapport within and offer a life of coherence.
  • Trust upholds the field of birth ad invites the help of our highest guidance.
  • Each birth is unique and unfolds in its own perfection.
  • Bonding is the parents opportunity to preserve their baby’s loving essence and to offer a foundation of emotional safety.


Chapter 5 – Sacred Birthing Insights

“In bringing back birth in accord with Natural Law, all influences are eliminated that sabotage human relationship and the deepest connection to Source, for they are one and the same.” World Mother

  • Aligning with the Divine before conception is the highest alliance.
  • First, do no harm.
  • The baby’s souls is a conscious creator and participant in conception and birth.
  • Weaving soul and body-consciousness before birth supports internal allegiance for life.
  • The patterns baby carried into conception, and the experience from conception through birth creates a blueprint that the child will recapitulate during life and be called to heal.
  • Compassion for the baby’s experience opens our heart and leads us to sacred action.
  • Sacred Technology enhances vitality, stability and health of mother and baby.
  • Mother lovingly and courageously follows the lead of her baby’s soul into conception and labor. Her innate ability to give birth is within every cell and she trusts her inner strength to guide her way.
  • Natural birth protects baby’s consciousness and helps retain the divinity of the newborn. /the Universe celebrates the conscious newborn.
  • Birth is an initiation, a rite of passage for all involved.
  • Protecting the umbilical cord upholds the energy field and protects baby’s immune system.


Creating Sacred Birthing creates Sacred Living, creates Sacred Deathing, creates Sacred Birthing, creates Sacred Living, creates…


grateful for Sunni.. my deepest love and appreciation for what she IS.


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