(not) good enough… and the next level

all my life I had, have and will have the “not good enough”, “not worthy” (and all the variations that comes with it) program, in my mind.. I was seriously trained for this in my childhood ;)… SOOOO good at it!

lately, I can look at it, smile, move on with MUCH less energy lost in going with it and living it… many times with noticing the thought or noticing the starting of a potentially manifesting action. even when I manifest those thoughts… I can catch the feeling building inside me (sensations in my body are great pointers for that)… noticing it… smiling at it.. or catching the end of the feeling… even in those situations, the noticing gets the power of the overall program to get weaker. it takes effort, practice, every day, every moment… don’t think it’s coming for free!

even if the “I am good!”, “I can do this better then…”, “I am definitely better then… at…” it’s just the other side of the same coin… for me it feels like the next “level” of the “game”. :))

I know I’m going to win… MUHAHAHAHA!


loving this spirit and the mind-matter interactions IT experiences.


feel free to share your thoughts on this

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