poem by Krishnamacharya

OH, sleep mind,

Praise Lord Krishna, remember the God of Knowledge.

Pray to the Teacher,

For, when the body becomes weak and depleted,

Your education will not save you.


Knowing for sure that all the objects you come

into contact with are impermanent.

Do not get lost in them, instead,

Again and again resolve to be aware of the Eternal Self.


Where is the conflict when the Truth is known,

Where is the disease when the mind is clear,

Where is death when the breath is controlled,

Therefore surrender to Yoga.


Men desires objects when tender in ages,

Enjoys them when young,

Seeks Yoga when middle aged and

Develops detachment when old.


One who is deeply absorbed in God and with a firm mind

Salutes Him with all his heart, everything He desires,

And the Lord smilingly asks,

“What more do you need?”


Regular Yoga practice steadies the mind,

Regular chanting develops initiative and intelligence,

Unwavering meditation results in extraordinary benefits,

And the repetition of Mantra helps in self-realization.


Speak the truth that is pleasant,

See everyone in the light of friendship,

Remove the body of its toxins, and acquire

The best of education, humility and wealth.


Regulate the breath,

Be happy and link the mind with the Lord

in your heart.

So reveals Yogi Tirumala Krishna,

As a message for humanity.

Poem by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

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