it is a holy thing to love what death can touch

It is…

to love and not to hold

inside, outside

so inviting, so soft, so strong, so warm

and yet… illusive


holy Spirit

oh, you offered me so much

landing in my world, I was embraced by your vibration

you, soft-warm, peaceful, silent, loving creature


to hold! I want to hold you also in my arms

hold you close to my skin,

inside and outside, to hold you, caress you,

no limit shall I place onto you, you will keep the wings and fly…

giving, receiving… dancing the dance of life on Mother Earth.


to hold, to love, to be

on and with Mother Earth.


leaving… living… deathing…

on this land, in this heart, I am here

vigilant to your loving embrace

embarking on this… waiting without waiting.


we are here

healing, meanwhile.

at your service, in service

to you, to the world, to the higher self, to that which is and wants to be.


doomed I feel sometimes, doomed to be loved by you for-


and at the same time, “not worthy” (my mind says many times)

to let go of this, I let go of this and I move on,

hearing your soft touch, singing to my heart, filling my being.


can you…? you ARE loving me!

and embracing me… coming back again, and again…

nothing sits between us… with us… he… he who offers me this, bliss…


touching me

over and over again, so deep inside

us, we are here, welcoming you,

coming for you,

healing… here… hoping you feel safe and loved back to join us in full body an spirit… free… divine… sacred angel.

my first published acrostic :), Oct 2016

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