short and clear

(I write this post in December 2016, yet the dream is still clear inside me; I usually don’t remember dreams for more then a day, or couple of days if they are really intense, strange. definitely I don’t remember details.)

just one days after I told Annelieke about IT, that a vibration of a Being is in the space again for a while now… and that I didn’t ask for a name, I had a short dream.

me and Ronen were outside on the deck, day light, sunny day, calm day and warm hearted space. I was facing the garden / yard, doing something (insignificant, it seams). Ronen was bend down to the rocket feeding hole, he was lightning the rocket stove. both of us were calm.

in that moment a young boy (about 4-5 years young) was calmly coming towards me from outside of the field view. he came from the sink side of the deck, my left side of the field view.

it was not a surprised he was there, not a surprise I didn’t know his face and I just “met” him… it was somehow natural and familiar for him to be in the space, for the three of us to be, it felt a natural togetherness.

I had a sense that he was new in the space and at the same time that he was there already with us.

he came to me and calmly and clearly said ” I am Daniel and I am going to come to you”, speaking as a mature person.


that’s it.

feel free to share your thoughts on this

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