Cutia cu Bunatati din Portugalia :)

Drag(a) prieten(a),


Deoarece suntem in contact cu prieteni dragi in Portgualia, si astfel suntem in contact direct cu producatori de bunatati de acolo, ne gandim sa aducem incoace dintre acestea si astfel, avem disponibila cutia cu bunatati din Portugalia:

  • 5 l ulei de masline virgin, presat la rece, zona Alentejo, livrat in recipient de plastic de 5l,
  • 3 kg masline cu samburi culese de mana, selectate, de la un fermier membru RECO, din Alentejo,
  • 1 kg smochine uscate de la o familie din zona Algarven ce cultiva totul biologic, cu grija si iubire de Pamant,
  • 1 kg samburi cruzi de migdale de la diverse familii algarviene, fiecare avand intre 10-15 migdali.

Pretul cutiei este 108 Euro si va fi disponibila la inceput de ianuarie februarie 2017 (deoarece am ales ca maslinele care sunt culese acum, sa stea 3 luni, vor fi mult mai bune!). Sunt disponibile 10 cutii in total.

Daca vrei, se poate comanda suplimentar (langa cele de mai sus, se livreaza odata cu cutia):

  • ulei de masline 5l (acelasi) – 40 euro
  • masline (aceleasi) 1 kg – 8 euro

Pretul cutiei include: pregatirea coletului in Portugalia, costul transportului spre Romania, pregatire colet in Romania, costul transportului in Romania catre tine cu Posta Romana sau livrare personala in Cluj Napoca sau Tg. Mures, comisioane bancare plati producatori (sau transport bani catre ei, prin prietenii nostri).

Toate produsele sunt direct de la producator, din productia din anul acesta si sint crescute curat, biologic, agro-ecologic, cu grija pentru pamant, de la prieteni ai prietenilor.

Te rog sa intelegi ca facem asta pentru noi in primul rand si suntem deschisi sa facilitatm accesul la produse de calitate si altora – ne ocupam de proces pro-bono. Daca sunt doritori vrem sa continuam si in anii care vin, poate si cu alte tari unde avem prieteni si sunt alte bunatati.

1 thought on “Cutia cu Bunatati din Portugalia :)”

  1. Feedback primit in aprilie-mai 2017, la cutia de mai sus, de la cei care au ales-o:

    1. The products are very good. We shared it with the entire family.

    2. Thank you for the Portugal produce, they are indeed wonderful! The allmods have an extraordinary taste, same the olives and oil. I didn’t try yet the figs. /thank you again and wishing you well!

    3. Everything is wonderful, exceptional, magnificent! 🙂 We are regulars with olives and olive oils now., We are savouring the olives… with garlic! We always have at hand a jar with oil and garlic + oregano, as Annelieke’s recipe proposed :).Please let us know when is going to be the nest box, to see how are we with the “stock” and be able to order more :).

    4. Right when I tasted the olives, that hmm “They are no so good as were yours”…
    BUT after eating them and continuing to taste them,, in just a few days I was in love with them… and continue to be! they are awesome! 🙂
    ..AWESOME!… continuously… We alsmost finish a bucket. wondering if it’s going to be enough until the next spring 😛 when the next harvest is ready.
    the almonds ARE wonderful! aromatic, sweet taste…

    5. Good morning!!! Thank you for your “box” – everything is great! Starting with the “letter” from which the love with which it was written is felt! And the products are delicious !!! It does not really look like the ones we have used so far 😊 we are enjoying them for the time being and the fact that we have “instructions for use and keeping” for all I started my day with marinated olives – a dream !!! Thanks to all those who have contributed in any way that these wonders come to us !!!! Thank you.

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