in the last 10-day course that I was sitting in Dhamma Dvara (31.11 – 11.12.2016) I was wondering… how is it that I didn’t speak, wrote about vipassana in the last years.

then in one of the sittings it came to me and remembered that Adi told us, in one of the courses at Dumbrava (2007 / 2008), not to talk, write about it. of course that was in good spirit, as many don’t understand the techniques…  and more than that, if you ask me what it is I can say something which is through my own lenses… my own experience, perception.

then Goenka, in one the the evening discourses, explicitly said that if we find this “technique” good for us, DO tell, DO write, DO let others know about it (of course, not by teaching it)… so that many more people can know about it and go to try it, if they feel like.

I realized I wanted to write about it for so long now… for myself… and something was holding me back, subconsciously. now that holding back is not here anymore, I am at peace with writing about it – I will do it for myself, in the first place, as I feel, when I feel, if I feel.

at peace,

feel free to share your thoughts on this

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