correct effort, patience and perseverance

after the sitting in Dhamma Dvara (I am still writing about that only in my mind for now, soon here), I made a decision… to make a true effort: one year of dedicated vipassana practice, twice a day, one hour sitting each.

even if only anapana is going to be sometimes, if mind is agitated, or attention to the sensations on the small area, I am going to sit… anyway, most of the part of the practice is calming the mind (anapana).

I know my enemies 🙂 I will make them my friends… and tools for work.

started 12.12.2016… ending 11.12.2017 🙂

today as I post this, it’s already with ups & downs, as always, as everything is anicca (Pali for impermanence). my mind thinks it’s not possible. I let this thought be and go… keeps coming back, seams so… permanent :)).

besides the daily sitting, I will go at leasts twice a month to the group sitting in Cluj (Friday evenings from 18:30).

daily also, I am keeping in contact with Dhamma work (talks, texts, books, movies etc.).

I want to further and in detail examine my sīla (Pali / Sanskrit for morality, virtue, right conduct) , as it expresses in daily life, in what I do, how I do things… and take actions in keeping it. I already felt divergences on this subject in some aspects of my life.

I made a list of dāna (Pali/Sanskrit for charity, generosity, giving) that I want to continue and pursue.

in the last more then half an year I wanted to go into chanting… now I have a sense of some first small steps to personally explore this. see how it’s going.

I’ll keep myself posted :))

with patience and perseverance

Buddham saranam gacchami*
Dhammam saranam gacchami
Sangham saranam gacchami

I am making a true and correct effort.

this is… today resolution :))… for the next 360 days


I bow to all Dhamma workers, servers, practitioners, walkers of the path (whatever names they might have: Yogis, meditators, monks etc.)


*I’m not Buddhist 😉

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  1. can you share with us the list of dāna (Pali/Sanskrit for charity, generosity, giving) , so maybe we’ll be inspired by it !?

    Good luck with your task? What are you trying to achive?

    PS: Have blessed holidays

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