Year: 2016

Soul’s speed

Story told to Francis Weller by his mentor, Clarke…   Clarke reached to his left, place his hand over a large rock lying on a table, and said: “This is my clock, I operate at geological speed and if you are going to work with the soul, you need to learn this rhythm, because this …

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Are you Musk? Or amber? You scent is intoxicating!   The clay answers back… I am just a humble piece of clay. But for a day or two I’ve kept the fellowship of roses. It’s their companionship that has had an impact on me. Otherwise, I am just ordinary clay.

Coleman’s bed

Be taught now, among the trees and rocks, how the discarded is woven into shelter, learn the way things hidden and unspoken slowly proclaim their voice into the world. Find that inward symmetry to all outward appearances, apprentice yourself to yourself, begin to welcome back all you sent away, be a new annunciation, make yourself …

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    Cosul tau
    Cosul de cumparaturi e golInapoi in magazin