love talk about the emergence of the Universe, with Daniel Schmachtenberger

two evenings ago we watched and listen, together with Ronen, this video:

I was breathless… there is not word thrown, no word misused, no empty words, no works to fill the blanks in his presentation.

Daniel talks about how the Universe works… about emergence, synergy (of which I was always fascinated by and driven by when I was working in organizations, with people), relationships, allurement, evolution (defined as “more elegantly ordered complexity”), consciousness, meaning, experiential self of the moment, spiritual ideals, mind, the self, the whole, the more beautiful future, creating beauty, aliveness, interconnectedness, the uniqueness of each individual to participate, humanity (which “becomes a property”), commons, “awareness of us as facets of one integrated self-evolving reality”.

“in a meaningful way I am actually the evolutionary impulse of Universe who woke up to itself to form that has adequate ordered complexity to contemplate that and then get to consciously choose how o participate with it…”

“your self-actualization is compulsory”, a “unique role to play”…

now “we don’t have humanity”, “we have humans bumping, we have organelles that haven’t organized as a cell that search breathing”…

“what can I actually do to make my life of greatest use to all life?”

and he’s doing this so… naturally, bear foot, wearing shorts and t-shirt, on a beach <3… have I ever write here that I am a sapiosexual?


PS: if you listen to Daniel and feel the same, write me, call me, I want to know more about you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “love talk about the emergence of the Universe, with Daniel Schmachtenberger”

  1. Nu sunt deacord cand se vorbeste despre aceste subiecte fara sa se pomeneasca de Dumnezeu; cand se vorbeste de evolutie fara sa se tina cont de involutie si de caracterul ciclic al lucrurilor. Carpe diem pentru ca asta implica mai putin eu si mai mult El. Altfel multe informatii utile si de dorit in societate, precum: colaborare, implicare pentru binele comun, respect pentru natura, dezvoltare si unitate prin diversiate, misiune si valori.

    1. hey Zoli,

      multumesc ca citesti aici… si sa ti-ai spus parerea!

      am incercat sa raspund de alte doua ori aici… poate acum se salveaza replyul :).. daca nu, inseamna ca nu e cazul ;)…

      sigur ca fiecare din noi avem puterea sa fim de acord sau in dezacord cu orice in lumea asta :)… sa ne raportam la divinitate (sau cum o numim) cum dorim… simtim… (sau inconstient, cum ne-au implantat altii in minte)

      ce, cine este “Dumnezeu”?
      ar fi pacat (nu in sens biblic, ci in sensul ca am pierde frumusetea Universului astuia, a lui Dumnezeu, daca asa vrei sa il numin) sa il percepem pe “El” ca fiind un mosneag batran, cu barba si intelept, care e un persona inafara noastra si asteapta sa facem fapte bune si sa “il” preslavim… sa ii cantam sa plecam capul etc.

      imi vine in atentie in momentul asta, cum scriu aici, sa iti recomand sa citesti “Conversatii cu Dumnezeu” (versiunea originala, in engleza) – primul volum.

      in love,

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