Anastasia on Man, the ruler of all the Universe – raising children – [book] “The Space of Love”

“…What do parents need to do to make it so? So that children will grow up, as you say, with a soul that is free? To be rulers of the Universe and happy? As God Himself has wished?”

“They must no interfere, they need to see their children clearly in their own thinking the way God Himself has wished. It is the aspiration of all the forces of Light in the Universe that each newborn child be endowed with the very best of creation. It is the parents’ duty not to hide the creative Light under the erudition of invented dogmas. For ages upon the Earth debates have arisen as to which system might be wisest. But think about yourself, Vladimir. Debates arise where Truth is hid from sight. Fruitless debates can go on forevermore as to what might be found behind the closed door. But one has only to open the door and it will be clear to all, and there will be nothing to debate, since everyone will be able to see the Truth to himself.”

“But in the final analysis, who will open the door?”

“It is already open. All that remains is for the eyes of the soul to be opened to see and gain awareness.”

“Gain awareness of what?”

“You were asking me about systems. You were mentioning the schedules and everyday regimes and someone sets them forth for people in books. But think about it: who can tell more clearly about creation than the Creator Himself?”

“But the Creator doesn’t tell anything. Up to now He has said hardly a word. Nobody hears His words.”

“Word thought up by Man have many meanings. The Creator patiently and lovingly speaks with each one of us through splendid, imperishable acts. The rising of the Sun and the silvery sheen of the Moon, the soft mist and tender dew, playing with the Sun’s ray and drinking in the heavenly blue. The Universe is filled with so many clear examples like that. Just look around you. They touch you and everyone else too.”

Again, if everything Anastasia said about child-rearing were to be laid out, the result would probably be the complete opposite of how we handle this matter today.

I have already said that Anastasia, along with all here forebears through the ages, treats a newborn as a deity or an immaculate angel. They consider it totally unacceptable to interface with the child’s thought process.

Anastasia’s grandfather and great-grandfather were able to observe for long periods of time how their little granddaughter would be fascinated by a bug or a flower, or the contemplation of something. They tried their best to not distract her with their presence. They would converse with her only when she herself paid attention to them and a desire to communicate.Anastasia maintained that at every moment I was observing little Vladimir contemplating something in the grass, he was becoming aware not only of the bugs but of all creation.

According to her, a bug is a more perfect mechanism than any manufactured products, let alone a primitive construction set.

A child provided with the opportunity to communicate with these perfect beings with himself become more perfect than thought communication with primitive lifeless objects.

Besides, as she maintains, every blade of grass, every bug, is interrelated with the whole of creation and subsequently aids the child in becoming aware of the essence of the Universe and of himself as part of it, to become aware of his innate purpose. Artificially created objects does not have such connection and do not arrange priorities and value in the child’s brain in the right way.


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