[Anastasia] Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin – Kin’s School – Lycee School at Tekos

I’ve always dreams of a forest kindergarden / school. Just days ago, we smiled again with Carmen and Oana about our common dream about this…


Since Bhudeva is home and since I was gifted with Pearl, I knew our kids will come into that kind of environment… and they will be home in THAT environment: in direct contact with Mother Nature, the greatest teachers of all.


Now, in Anastasia’s book “The Space of Love” I discovered something beyond the “forest school”!

Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin developed a model school in alignment with Anastasia’s Dream of Forest Schools of the Future, where ordinary pupils acquire official bachelor’s and master’s degrees from accredited universities by the time they are seventeen.  The pupils cover the whole 11-year curriculum of the compulsory school system in just two years, having designed, built and decorated their campus all by themselves. A ten-year-old girl, for example, can build a house, draw beautifully, cook meals, dance ballroom dance steps and master the fundamentals of Russian martial arts.

Some words about this on loveforlife.com.au.


Shchentinin himself says:

…Years are behind us now. I have held on to the conviction that Man can do everything! It is precisely through making sense of this saying that our multifunctional school, the whole school complex, the whole school-Man, has been developed. Our purpose is not ‘knowledge-know-how-habits’. It is not endless drilling and rote-learning, or the spoon-feeding of information. Rather, it is the raising of Man to live harmoniously, to act in harmony with society – a Man who, when he sees and analyses the phenomena of life which surround him, can feel their interconnection, can perceive the world as a whole. And no matter what he becomes – an engineer, physicist, chemist, builder, teacher etc. – he will understand that he is going out into a whole, complete, unified world!

We are in the process of shaping Man’s ability to get along in this whole, unified world from a very young age. Right from childhood Man must be raised beginning with his roots, with his very essence. And the essence of Man is his humanity. And this consists in re-uniting, one way or another, his life-forces in the struggle against the forces of chaos and disintegration. But the development of Man’s essence is not only the goal – it is at the same time the means to achieving this goal.

After all, why is the idea of the harmony of the individual so attractive and so productive? Because it alone is capable of appreciating the harmony of the world as the most valuable treasure, capable of preserving this integrity, this very harmony that has been in the making over millions of years of evolution…

full article by Shchentinin on thisisenergy.com


A video with the kids in Tekos school:

Forest school in Tekos – a model of the bright future from Yuri Smirnov on Vimeo.


Pictures from the school here, by Yuri Smirnov.


Tekos village, where the school is here on the map… who knows?!…it’s quite near, on the other side of the Black Sea!! 🙂 😉


My heart and mind are blown away by what I discover from Anastasia’s books!


Sunni, there are no words to thank you for bringing Anastasia into my life <3… and I had just a small taste. it feels, SOOOO… familiar, natural, full of love, as a birth right… all that’s in there!

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