what you offer in return? [book] Anastasia – “The Space of Love”

these days I am any times (with, in) my darkness…

also with how this touches the people around me, the people I care for… the ones who are in my heart…

Perhaps Anastasia was right when she said:

“In trying to gain the grace of a holy place, think what you might offer in return. And if you have not learnt to emit light yourself, then why take it and bury it in yourself, as though in a grave?”

excerpt from book “The Space of Love” by Vladimir Megre, third book of “Anastasia” / “Ringing Cedars” books series.


I feel what Anastasia says it applies for persons too, as we are all holy and made of light and a person is a place, a center, a Universe in itself.


when I am the darkness inside me, I reach out for the holy persons next to me… asking for light, for attention, full of drama…


feel free to share your thoughts on this

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