in a nutshell, from Anastasia [book] “The Space of Love” by Vladimir Megre

“So everything starts with a clean-up, eh? And how do you suppose that’s all going to happen?”

“Conscious awareness is the point of departure for any venture. The aspiration of one’s thought finds the most effective path, just like a stream in Nature.”

chapter 21 – Should we all go to the forest?

“And just how the Creator created everything? And what instrument did he gave to Man for creativity?”

“Thought is the chief instrument of the Great Creator. And thought has been given to Man. Creations are true when thought is brought to fruition through the soul and intuition and feelings, and the main factor here is and will always be: the purity of one’s awareness.”

chapter 23 – Re-creating Shambala

excerpts from “The Space of Love” by Vladimir Megre, book 3 from Anastasia / Ringing Cedars series

there it is, yoga or vipassana in a nutshell, from Anastasia.

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