medicine – Rising Appalachia

this came to me through Melania…

Lyrics below:

Wise men say that rushing is violence
and so is your silence
when its rooted in compliance

To stand firm in loving defiance,
make art your alliance
give voice to the fireMove people to the beat of the wind
Gather yourself and begin
to dance the song until it ends
We are winners, champions of the light
forming in numbers and might
keep the truth close in sight…

Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
walking with grace, I know your face, and I trust your hands
Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
walking with grace, I know your face, and I trust your hands

Find your teachers in the voice of the forests
unplug you cant ignore this
wisdom of the voiceless
Remedies are bountiful and surround us
from the garden to the farthest
prayers made of star dust

Find your healing in the music that calls you
the voice that enthralls you
what do you belong to
Eyes out theres the setting of the sun
give thanks to each and everyone
the lesson is the…

Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
walking with grace I know your face, and I trust your hand
Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
walking with grace, I know your face, and I trust your hand

I believe in bending backwards and extending
in my tracks
trip back
until the lesson is in action and
your yard is feeding
stop stark the disbelieving
cause the garden holds the shards
the medicine is in the seeds when

We hold tight to our right to protect and
we know our might is 10-fold in connection
our elders hold them bright lights
we protect them
the medicine is evident
the wolf, the hawk, the bear clan

We hold tight to our right to protect and
we know our might is 10-fold in connection
our elders hold them bright lights
we protect them
the medicine is evident
the wolf, the hawk, the bear clan…

Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
walking with grace, I know your face, and I trust your hands
Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
walking with grace, I know your face, and I trust your hands

there are some other songs from Rising Appalachia, to be explored… I feel…

Cutia cu Bunatati din Portugalia :)

Drag(a) prieten(a),


Deoarece suntem in contact cu prieteni dragi in Portgualia, si astfel suntem in contact direct cu producatori de bunatati de acolo, ne gandim sa aducem incoace dintre acestea si astfel, avem disponibila cutia cu bunatati din Portugalia:

  • 5 l ulei de masline virgin, presat la rece, zona Alentejo, livrat in recipient de plastic de 5l,
  • 3 kg masline cu samburi culese de mana, selectate, de la un fermier membru RECO, din Alentejo,
  • 1 kg smochine uscate de la o familie din zona Algarven ce cultiva totul biologic, cu grija si iubire de Pamant,
  • 1 kg samburi cruzi de migdale de la diverse familii algarviene, fiecare avand intre 10-15 migdali.

Pretul cutiei este 108 Euro si va fi disponibila la inceput de ianuarie februarie 2017 (deoarece am ales ca maslinele care sunt culese acum, sa stea 3 luni, vor fi mult mai bune!). Sunt disponibile 10 cutii in total.

Daca vrei, se poate comanda suplimentar (langa cele de mai sus, se livreaza odata cu cutia):

  • ulei de masline 5l (acelasi) – 40 euro
  • masline (aceleasi) 1 kg – 8 euro

Pretul cutiei include: pregatirea coletului in Portugalia, costul transportului spre Romania, pregatire colet in Romania, costul transportului in Romania catre tine cu Posta Romana sau livrare personala in Cluj Napoca sau Tg. Mures, comisioane bancare plati producatori (sau transport bani catre ei, prin prietenii nostri).

Toate produsele sunt direct de la producator, din productia din anul acesta si sint crescute curat, biologic, agro-ecologic, cu grija pentru pamant, de la prieteni ai prietenilor.

Te rog sa intelegi ca facem asta pentru noi in primul rand si suntem deschisi sa facilitatm accesul la produse de calitate si altora – ne ocupam de proces pro-bono. Daca sunt doritori vrem sa continuam si in anii care vin, poate si cu alte tari unde avem prieteni si sunt alte bunatati.

iti scriu…

iti scriu pentru ca esti in sufletul meu…
pentru ca esti… in primul rand..
asa cum esti…
femeie… sau poate mama ce a nascut in puterea sa,
sau wanna-be mama…
sau inainte de conceptie…
sau burtica… cu experiente intense…
sau poate ai avut burtica ce s-a retras mai devreme decat era “planul”,
sau poate bebe / puiul a plecat mai devreme, inapoi de unde a venit,
poate esti prieten(a)… sau partener(a) de drum…
poate fiica..
sau doula… ori moasa…
pentru mine ESTI… si vreau sa impartasesc cu tine despre
si e vremea sa nu mai fie asa… sa fie al nostru… sa il cream al nostru,
al nostru… al tribului:
– tribului in care mamele vin impreuna,
– tribului in care mamele, burticile, partenerii de drum, impartasesc din experienta preconceptiei, conceptiei, sarcinii, nasterii si cresterii sa – toate constiente, blande, cu respect suprem pentru fiinta care este bebe si care alege sa vina… pura… si pe care ne sa ne straduim sa o pastram la fel…

– tribului in care partenerii sunt langa mamici, burtici si pitici, valorizati si imputerniciti ca niste fiinte pline ce sunt si ei/ele…

– tribului in care doulele sprijina tot acest proces… si sunt apreciate pentru ceea ce sunt… infinit de pline de iubire neconditionata… si in acelasi timp, oameni si ele/ei,

– tribului in care exista intotdeuna cineva la care sa apelezi cand / dupa ce nasti, sa vina sa faca de mancare sau sa spele hainele cand tu/voi esti/sunteti full time cu bebe-tocmai-sosit in lumea asta,

– tribului in care daca nu stii ceva esti strijinit(a) sa reintri in contact cu tine, sa “vezi” ce simti si cum simti si sa alegi ce e bine pentru tine si bebe, sau daca e nevoie de informatie sa o ai la indemana aproape,

– tribului in care increderea ca poti naste natural este ceva… natural…

– tribului in care ai cui da un telefon daca ai nevoie de cineva sa te asculte, cand ti-e greu… atunci cand ti-e,

-tribului in care cei care au trecut prin anumite experiente dau mai departe cu iubire,

– tribului in care sacrul, iubirea, respectul, individul, comuniunea si comunitatea sunt elemente de baza… si unde suferinta, greul, durerea, rusinea sunt vazute, imbratisate cu blandete si spalate cu lacrimi calde – ca doar fac parte din drumul asta numit viata,

la inceput spatiul asta il vad virtual (ca sa avem de unde incepe si pentru ca suntem fizic la distanta)… si in timp visez sa il aducem si in realitate.. intr-un centrul spiritual de nastere naturala, constienta, blanda… alaturi de toate forurile superioare :)… si… deocamdata ma pastrez in aici si acum (visez da, la si mai multe… pentru lumea asta).
asta inseamna ca o sa incepem sa scriem… despre astea… din proprie experienta…
mna, nu stiu cum suna  astea… asa scurt si scris… 🙂
sa fim cu forurile superioare, zic… si sa vedem ce… nastem, impreuna :)!

it is a holy thing to love what death can touch

It is…

to love and not to hold

inside, outside

so inviting, so soft, so strong, so warm

and yet… illusive


holy Spirit

oh, you offered me so much

landing in my world, I was embraced by your vibration

you, soft-warm, peaceful, silent, loving creature


to hold! I want to hold you also in my arms

hold you close to my skin,

inside and outside, to hold you, caress you,

no limit shall I place onto you, you will keep the wings and fly…

giving, receiving… dancing the dance of life on Mother Earth.


to hold, to love, to be

on and with Mother Earth.


leaving… living… deathing…

on this land, in this heart, I am here

vigilant to your loving embrace

embarking on this… waiting without waiting.


we are here

healing, meanwhile.

at your service, in service

to you, to the world, to the higher self, to that which is and wants to be.


doomed I feel sometimes, doomed to be loved by you for-


and at the same time, “not worthy” (my mind says many times)

to let go of this, I let go of this and I move on,

hearing your soft touch, singing to my heart, filling my being.


can you…? you ARE loving me!

and embracing me… coming back again, and again…

nothing sits between us… with us… he… he who offers me this, bliss…


touching me

over and over again, so deep inside

us, we are here, welcoming you,

coming for you,

healing… here… hoping you feel safe and loved back to join us in full body an spirit… free… divine… sacred angel.

my first published acrostic :), Oct 2016

why African babies don’t cry?

From J. Claire K. Niala‘s observation, the reasons are, as shared by her grandmother:

1. Offer the breast every single moment that your baby is upset – even if you have just fed her.

2. Co-sleep. Many times you can feed your baby before they are fully awake, which will allow them to go back to sleep easier and get you more rest.

3. Always take a flask of warm water to bed with you at night to keep you hydrated and the milk flowing.

4. Make feeding your priority (especially during growth spurts) and get everyone else around you to do as much as they can for you. There is very little that cannot wait.

grief is life changing…

I never would have thought what raw, searing grief and sorrow could bring out the most tender, generous, compassionate, and loving sides of total strangers. It was exquisite. I will carry this with me for the rest of my life. I saw in the darkest corners of our grief and pain, something very beautiful. Suffering compels us to reach. When you find a channel for your rage and deepest suffering, and there’s another hand there reaching back, what lies in the wake of it all, is finally – blessed peace. Calm. Nothing has changed about your loss… it’s still there. But your relationship with it  had been greatly altered. You have been and held tenderly.  You have been drained. And then you can open yourself  up again. You can start to rebuild in that annihilated place.

Billie, personal note to Francis Weller,

used with permission, in book “The Wild Edge of Sorrow”

Soul’s speed

Story told to Francis Weller by his mentor, Clarke…


Clarke reached to his left, place his hand over a large rock lying on a table, and said: “This is my clock, I operate at geological speed and if you are going to work with the soul, you need to learn this rhythm, because this is how the soul moves. And It hates this (pointing to a clock on the wall).”


Excerpt from The Wild Edge of Sorrow” by Francis Weller


Today I reserved, paid for and installed the domain…


I feel humble and powerful at the same time… warm hearted about the potentiality of what this may be(come)…

I was with initiating this space for a long time… and today morning I knew it was time for this one more step ahead.

I’ve been with it…

Since I knew there are more to women then what the naked eye sees…

Since I knew that the mothers ARE goddesses…

Since I knew babies and (some) children (still) have wings…

Since I read the first time, back in 2014…

Since I physically met Andreea, Mihaela…

Since Pearl offered/offers me so much, even if she or other spirit has not fully embodied… yet…

Since I’ve read Sunni

Since I met… meet myself again and again, in mirror of other women also… going deeper and deeper… surfacing to take air… feeling, hurting, healing, laughing, breathing… breathing!

Since… eons…


Cooked inside for a long conventional time… geological time 🙂


Here it is….

May it be…

Carrying for a new humanity, with love & light,