asking for a name

me to Ronen at 5:14 AM today in a night of coming and going from sleep… a lot with “IT” inside: “IT came‎ to me the whole night… now… an hour ago, two hours ago… minutes around the sharp hours…
I came and go in sleep‎…”

he answered, asking: “IT???”

I answered: “da, don’t know how to name… the ONE that/which comes to me, lives my space… more and more often and for longer periods.”

then he said: “maybe if you ask for a name one will be presented to you :)”.

me: “I am… in listening mode… not only for the name…”

then I found myself inside… not asking for a name… I said to this Universe, to Mother Nature, in my heart: “I am listening, please guide me”.

I realized then that I was in listening mode… but not with specific intention, up to that moment.

feel free to share your thoughts on this