A critique of Vipassana Meditation as taught by Goenka

I just read this article and all the comments to it. It is an extended writing about the vipassana technique and thr 10-day course. I appreciate the effort of the author to gather these many aspects of it. I also wanted to write about it…

If one did not took a 10-day vipassana course in a Goenka center, this text might be irrelevant.

I have now a basis for my writing… there are things I want to say… of course, as I perceive them through my experience and lenses.

I can see the mechanistics of looking at vipassana here… also see some of my mind looking for answers for some of the questions and perceptions I had during my all 10-day sittings.

I am curious about how other vipassana practitioners who are practicing it for many years see this, through their own practice and life experience.

soon to be continued here…

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